Hey There GroverFesties –

Groverfest is closer than you think! Only 11 weeks from tomorrow, the first note will bounce off the hills on its march to infamy – or something like that anyway.

We have a couple of things going on that we thought you might be interested in.

Firstly – don’t forget to grab your tickets if you have not already done so. You can grab them on line by visiting www.groverfest.com/tickets/. This will guarantee that your GroverXperience is … well … guaranteed 😉

Horsefeather's Roadhouse & ParkSecondly – Horsefeather’s Roadhouse and Den of Iniquity has been super kind enough to allow us to put on some ‘sneak preview’ showcases featuring a lot of the local musicians who will be playing. The next one is Friday night, March 21. If you are looking for some GroverSmiles, c’mon out and boogie.

Last for this week, but certainly not least – VOLUNTEERS – be kind to yourself Friday night, we are having a GroverWork day on Saturday March 22 at the festival site in preparation for this year’s event. We’ll start huffing and puffing at 10 AM. If you can make it, please let us know through the web site form at www.groverfest.com/volunteer/.

REMEMBER – IMPORTANT!: By signing up to volunteer, you are also signing up to volunteer during the festival for a regular shift as well. Volunteer opportunities are limited.

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